I was surprised to read in a recent Tribune commentary that Rocky Mountain Power is cutting its Wattsmart energy efficiency incentive program.

Wattsmart is a program specifically built for businesses, offering incentives for those companies to purchase energy-efficient upgrades for infrastructure such as lighting, HVAC systems, etc.

As a business owner, I know that the bottom line guides every decision, and incentives like Wattsmart can be the difference that allows companies to invest in energy efficient infrastructure instead of outdated equipment. Those investments then pay dividends, in the form of lower electricity bills, for years to come.

Incentives like Wattsmart aren't just good for business. Reduced electricity demand lowers electricity costs for every consumer, as well as for Rocky Mountain Power itself. Programs like Wattsmart are a win-win-win, for businesses, consumers and Rocky Mountain Power, and ought to be preserved.

Erin Bean, Salt Lake City