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Starting in June 2021, users are required to have a digital subscription to sltrib.com in order to participate in the comments. A subscription is not needed to read the comments, only to write comments or interact with others. If you do not have a subscription, you can get one here: https://www.sltrib.com/subscribe/. If you already are a subscriber, use the email associated with your account to log in. The name used for the subscription will appear as the username in the comments.


The Tribune moderates comments to ensure conversations are respectful and relevant. While disagreements among users are to be expected, the following are not allowed:

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  • Blatant “trolling”

  • Obscenities, vulgarities and profanity

  • Misinformation or conspiracy theories.

  • Spam

Personal attacks against Tribune staff will be deleted and the user will be banned.

Because users are subscribers, breaking the rules will not automatically result in a permanent ban. Rather, users will have their comments deleted and will be placed in timeout for a set number of days. They will receive an email to their subscriber account explaining the reason for the action. After being placed in timeout three times, the user will be permanently banned. The user can then appeal their ban by emailing comments@sltrib.com.

If a user’s comments do not explicitly break the rules, but are considered to be toxic or combative, they may receive a warning. This warning is an opportunity for the user to correct their behavior before a more serious consequence is taken. The user must acknowledge the warning in the system before being allowed to continue commenting.

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Comments will automatically turn off 72 hours after the story’s publication. The Salt Lake Tribune reserves the right to turn off comments at any time after publication.

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