Yes, this will do it. The Democrats now have a chance to change the political future.

All they have to do is set up "gun control" with all the many dimensions surrounding it.

That would include mental health checks, radical behaviors written threats, verbal social media threats and many other horizon.

What are the motivations for owning assault weapons? If the motivation is for hunting, then specific protections for the weapons safekeeping should be put into place, such as keeping the guns in a hunting lodge, or locked up in a secure cabinet.

The same should apply if someone wants to keep a gun for their own protection. Someone needs to check to make sure that weapon is safely kept away from the hands of children.

Like a game warden or wildlife fish and game officials who often check to make sure a license has been purchased, they check the size of the fish or whatever, check on deer that are shot and killed.

Shouldn't we have a similar protection for our people and for our children and future generations? If weapons are too easily accessible then, yes guns do kill.

If gun control becomes the political issue, I for one will vote Democratic.

Marlene Lundquist, Sandy