Legal and Financial Information

IRS documentation

The Salt Lake Tribune is the first daily metropolitan newspaper to be awarded nonprofit status by the Internal Revenue Service. We are delighted to share our application to the IRS, called a 1023, with the public. You may download a copy of the application here. A copy of the letter awarded us 501(c)(3) public charity status can be downloaded here.

Gift Acceptance Policies

The Salt Lake Tribune’s core value is journalistic excellence. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit news organization, The Tribune holds independence and accountability to the public as its guiding principles. The Salt Lake Tribune does not accept donations from elected officials or 501(c)(4) groups. The executive editor of The Salt Lake Tribune has full editorial control on all stories, columns and photographs published by The Tribune. Story ideas, complaints and news tips must be funneled through the executive editor. You may download our Gift acceptance Policies, which describes the values, standards and practices pursued by The Tribune when seeking financial support.


As Utah’s independent voice, The Tribune makes every effort to be transparent about its relationships with readers and supporters. You can read about Tribune supporters and the The First Amendment Society here. Coming soon: All donors who give $5,000 or more annually will be listed at sltrib.com. All donors giving up to $5,000 will be listed on The Salt Lake Tribune’s website unless they affirmatively elect to be listed as anonymous. This report will be updated each quarter.

Professional standards and ethics

The Salt Lake Tribune adheres to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics as well as additional internal standards outlined in The Tribune Professional Standards Guide. In short, The Tribune strives to ensure that its reporting methods are fair and thorough, and its reports accurate and transparent.


You may download a copy of our Bylaws here.

IRS Form 990

You may download the 2022 IRS Form 990 here.

You may download the 2021 IRS Form 990 here.

You may download the 2020 IRS Form 990 here.

You may download the 2019 IRS Form 990 here.