As I opened The Salt Lake Tribune on Aug. 7, there was a front page picture of our wonderful former governor, Jon Huntsman.

What a wonderful and happy surprise. As a citizen, I have missed him and his family.

I have often thought, "He was the kind of governor to whom most people could relate.” I always read the news about him because his decisions were well thought out and ordinary citizens could find out his true intentions. Also, any decisions about which I read from him were fair and handled with diplomacy and not dictated by someone else for him to "just read from a script."

I always felt he did truly work for the people of the state of Utah and not because he was "advised to " by any organization, political party or specialized group.

I truly hope he is coming back home to run for governor.

China has had him, Russia has had him and, now, Utah really needs him.

Dotty Wrathall, Draper