I’m sick of this. We all should be. The incendiary racist rhetoric by the amoral sociopath in our White House is killing people. And rather than accept any personal responsibility, he blames the carnage on violent video games and mental illness.

Nary a whispered syllable about the need to take weapons designed for use on foreign battlefields, the military-style assault rifles preferred in these massacres, out of public hands.

Please remember, when 50 Muslims were killed in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, it took their prime minister one week to ban the sale of these weapons. One week.

And a spineless Republican Senate is equally guilty. They seem terrified by the NRA's perceived political power. They probably understand, like the rest of us do, that in the face of these all-to-frequent massacres, NRA has come to mean No Rational Arguments, but still these cowards do nothing.

Enough damn it, enough! Do your jobs. Do something.

M.J. Ogden, North Ogden