Ron Overman is absolutely correct concerning the border issue (“Trump is right to stop immigration,” Nov. 27).

We need to do whatever it takes to keep the southern border secure. Walls, wire, troops or tear gas. No more asylum. No more illegal sneaks taking advantage of our resources. Turn the caravan and all those attempting illegal entry around and hold Mexico partially responsible.

And for those of you who will undoubtedly criticize me as “uncompassionate,” stating, “They are women and children who want a better life,” remember all those who want a better life who are American citizens. — homeless vets, displaced fire victims, children living below the poverty line and the elderly choosing between food and medication.

When the citizens of this country have all they need, then we can reach out to the less fortunate in other countries and through vetting welcome those who will contribute and not take from America.

Marci Esparza, Sandy