Soon-to-be-former Rep. Mia Love’s “McAdams threw the first rock, not me” news conference reminded me of similar former Utah politicians who also stated they’d be back and would continue to remain a force on Utah’s political landscape. Sorry, but I cannot remember their names anymore.

The sad reality you face, Love, is that if you had shown some moral backbone regarding Donald Trump’s reprehensible antics as president, and made some of the statements you said in your concession speech earlier in your campaign, you might have actually been re-elected.

Instead, you were the epitome of your own self-described “convenient transactions” and hence were a disposable commodity in today’s Trump-led Republican Party.

Being a “convenient transaction” was a path you consciously chose to follow, so your self-righteous indignation seems seriously misplaced this late in the game you just lost.

Thomas Edwards, Logan