Mia Love’s snarky, bitter “concession” speech demonstrated a total lack of class, dignity or manners. Apparently, she missed that day in grade school when a losing participant learns graciousness and decorum.

Her loss was not unexpected. In fact, she had nearly four weeks for reflection. This wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment rant of high emotion, rather an ill-conceived tirade with planned meanness and complete lack of insight. She even offered a parting shot toward her opponent, claiming he was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Maybe, in the months to come, she can face the reality that hiding from her constituents, only offering window-dressing pathetic excuses for town halls with hand-picked individuals and tooting her own horn isn't an effective way to represent the people of Utah. From Day One, it seemed she was only interested in showcasing herself.

Maybe she can be appointed to a position in the Trump administration. I hear they have a high turnover and plenty of job openings.

Ellen Haslam, West Jordan