Tear-gassing women and children in diapers. Covering for and even condoning the state-sponsored murder of a U.S. resident and journalist overseas. Trying to destroy the First Amendment by taking away the voice of any journalist who points out his corruption. Denying the entire body of science that warns that we are fast making our planet uninhabitable. Implicitly supporting racism in a hundred ways (most recently, by stumping for a U.S. Senate candidate who would love to “attend a public hanging” and who just happens to be running against a black opponent). What a week of unsettling images.

Donald Trump is slow-walking this country down the path to fascism. Thirty-eight percent of the public is complicit in this. We’ve watched this happen in other nations, other times. Do you remember?

Not in my name. Never in my name. He is your president.

Eric W. Jensen, Preston, Idaho