It was only a matter of days (hours perhaps?) until George Pyle turned on Utah's only Democrat in national office by labeling Ben McAdams a sexist when he denounced Nancy Pelosi and said he would consider voting for a Republican. (“What a non-gerrymandered Utah might look like,” Nov. 25).

Could George be a progressive variant of the “Angry White Male"? The defining characteristic of the progressive Angry White Male is throwing an "ism," "ist" or "phobe" at your target when he/she/they/it offends.

For crying out loud, give Ben some running room! He just pulled a donkey out of a hat and will need to do so every two years for forever. Contending that sexism is present in Ben's Pelosi calculation is naive virtue signaling.

I have a suggestion for an "ist" to describe Ben: realist.

John Fry, Park City