I was more disgusted and appalled at David W. Haughey's Nov. 22 fact-free letter than he was with Richard Muranaka's factual opinion, as were most normal people.

He skewers Mr. Muranaka by falsely stating that the Democratic Party "has morphed into the party of visceral hatred, lies, chipping away at civil liberties …" etc, blah blah blah, and more blah.

Everything he pointed out are the patented hallmarks of today’s GOP. They reach across the aisle rarely, if ever.

People like Haughey are blinded by, and beholden to, the crap they hear on the true fake news outlets, Fox, GOP radio, etc.

Sentiments like his are widespread here and are a great part of the reason that Rep. Mia Love was ousted. More of her self-serving, do-nothing party will follow into the private sector as voters get fed up with the status quo, and reality and truth start to become necessary qualities of politicians and legislators.

Cheers (with a cocktail!) to the upcoming balance of political power here.

Mike Parr, Sandy