I write in celebration of the election law, SB54, recently upheld by the 10th Circuit Court. Our nation does not need the continued narrowing of and increased barriers to who can participate as a candidate in our elections. As voters, our choices are, by and large, already limited to the wealthy cronies of the two parties. Politicians who seek to reduce competition — in any fashion — are anti-democratic.

Such a stance, alarmingly promoted by Utah incumbents Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Rob Bishop, reveals that both men hold office to satisfy their self-serving political ambitions and to forward their exclusionary ideologies. Any elected official who behaves this way has lost touch with the ideals of free and open debate that have made our nation great.

If their ideas were truly "best" and truly represented the wishes of their party, these politicians wouldn't have to go to such lengths to curtail competition. Opponents of SB54 are a danger to our democracy.

Brandi Chase, Salt Lake City