I began working with Brent Taylor in January 2013 as the North Ogden city planner.

Over the past five years he earned my respect with his integrity, honesty and forthrightness. I worked with him on the update of the North Ogden City General Plan. He helped create a vision for the city and then worked to make that vision a reality.

I attended many meetings with Mayor Taylor in public and private. He was respectful of all points of view and recognized the significance of North Ogden’s vision.

He was always learning and sharing leadership principles. He shared a copy of the book “Lincoln on Leadership” with city department heads and led weekly discussions on Lincoln’s guiding principles.

Land use can be a complex function in local government. He was willing to go with staff to see examples of developments and see the value of a design principle, e.g., he saw the wisdom in developing collector streets becoming an amenity and not a liability.

He was comfortable in being in the forefront of difficult city policy questions, e.g., providing funding for road maintenance and the Barker Park amphitheater.

I have worked in local government for over 45 years. I have worked with many mayors. Mayor Taylor had the rare ability to recognize that being mayor was more than a title; it is being a leader.

I am grateful for my opportunity to work with this special man.

May God bless his family!

Robert O. Scott, North Ogden