While I respect The Salt Lake Tribune’s opinion that Ben McAdams and Mia Love might best help local progression by staying in their respective positions, I believe they are missing the bigger opportunity. Arguably, the biggest challenge our country/world faces today is the growing polarization of wealth and opportunity. Too much data supports how this social disease is ripping our society apart.

A major obstacle to rebalance is, the longer politicians take to learn their job, the more they lose their altruism to improve things as they get tied to the funding sources they must grow to stay in office. Generally, the funding sources with the most impact come from businesses/organizations/individuals who have legally created the largest moats around their respective interests. Moats decrease competition, improve margins and profits. That in return increases their influence.

To rebalance our polarized country, we need to reduce the impact of money-controlled influence over long-term politicians and lobbyists. A component to success would be forcing lawmakers to accomplish more in shorter terms, which, in turn, would help them stick to their initial altruistic beliefs of making quality progression.

The less reliant they are on funding their future political career, the better decisions they can make.

Scott Reichard, Holladay