Trump resigns

— Pat Ames, Nampa, Idaho

Trump reelected in landslide

— Eric Orahood, Smithfield

Trump abdicates

— Paul Kleiber, Salt Lake City

Trump resigns, seeks asylum in Moscow. Will live in Edward Snowden’s dacha.

— Alan Wright, Salt Lake City

Mormon whistleblower identified: The Angel Moroni, blowing his horn

— Neils E. Mortenson, Salt Lake City

Utah Legislature listens

— Ruby Thomas, Salt Lake City

Trump convicted. Putin moves out of White House.

— Scott Jackson, Sandy

Utah Legislature allows referendum to become law

— John W. White, Millcreek

Utah implements full Medicaid expansion

— Paul Gibbs, West Valley City

LDS Church solves homeless problem with $1 billion. $99 billion still left

— Matthew Tezak, Layton

Trump resigns, cites bone spurs

— Joan L. Coles, Salt Lake City

Home improvement stores to lease out goats, stop sales of gas-powered mowers

— Diana F. Cooley, Salt Lake City

National news makes front page of Salt Lake Tribune

— Marjorie Ann McClure, Holladay

Huntsman and Gates to advise Mormon church on charitable giving

— Christine B. Helfrich, Millcreek

Church fires lobbyists, publicly apologizes for legislative meddling

— Mark Lees, Provo

U of U builds zero-emissions coal burner

— Stuart Young, Sandy

Women elected to every office. Get used to it.

— Holly Mullen, Salt Lake City

Sen. Romney finds lost spine

— Isaac Reese, Salt Lake City

Senate Republicans admit Trump wants to be king of USA

— Stephen R. Clark, Salt Lake City

Homelessness completely eradicated in Utah

— Lucy Christensen

Sweet Succession: Chocolate cinnamon bears replace green jello as Utah state food

— Katie Ayers, Providence, R.I.

President-elect Klobuchar carries Utah

— David Noechel, Morgan

Warden confiscates Trump’s phone, cancels Twitter account

— Scott Hendricksen, Draper

Drive-thru’s closed on bad air days

— Kim Blair, Holladay

Republicans finally tire of Trump’s lies

— Barb Revene, West Valley City

Trump: From the White House to the big house

— Carolyn Holdsworth, Taylorsville

Huntsman changes mind, runs against Lee

— Paul S. Carpenter, Salt Lake City

2020 election determined by popular vote

— Becky McIntyre, South Jordan

Mitt trumps Trump

— Gertrud Carpenter, Salt Lake City

LDS Church not consulted in passing new law

— Tom Eiche, Salt Lake City

Gov. Herbert declares Utah will become a 100% clean energy state by 2030

— David Folland, Sandy

Nation united behind new president

— Julene E. Fisher, West Valley City

Trump, Giuliani and Barr to share jail cell

— Beverly Hurwitz, Park City

Inland port site preserved as open space

— Katie Pappas, Salt Lake City

2020 Election: Women control House, Senate

— Tim Chambless, Salt Lake City

Moab, Utah, is now Moab, Colo.

— Doug Fix, Moab

Aliens invade Utah. Romney ‘deeply troubled.’

— Martin Gregory, Salt Lake City

Trump markets new marine camera: "Squid Go-Pro"

— Mike Ptaschinski, Holladay

U.S. Senate to Trump: ‘You’re Fired!’

— Grant Ruhling, Salt Lake City

Capitol moved to warehouse at inland port. Homeless center will occupy old Capitol building

— Craig G. Erickson, Tooele

Teens decide vaping is ‘lame sauce’

— Mark Fotheringham, West Jordan

New Utah prison swallowed by sink hole

— Fred Ash, Sandy

Santa relocates to Utah for coal

— David M. Jolley, Salt Lake City

Big Pharma will no longer spend 60% of their profits on advertising and will instead lower drug prices

— Connie W. Reed, Salt Lake City

Mother in Heaven commands Legislature to pass ERA

— Steve Warren, West Valley City

Melania found to be whistleblower

— Tom Kudla, Heber City

President Pelosi won’t pardon Trump, Pence

Sends thoughts and prayers instead

— Jerry Sempek, Salt Lake City

Satan disowns Trump: ‘Just too evil’

— Dave Teal, Holladay

Senators choose truth over Trump

— Jillana Labrum Butler, Sandy

Food tax increase repealed, now limited to Diet Coke and Jello

— Mark Walsh, Midway