A West Jordan man is facing a felony charge after he reportedly built several pipe bombs that he intended to set off on New Year's Eve — before changing his mind.

Rocky Andres Graczyk, 40, has been charged with possession of explosive parts, a third-degree felony, in the state’s 3rd District Court.

According to court documents, a family member alerted police that Graczyk had been asking them “non-stop for money to buy guns” and “making radical statements on social media about terrorist organizations.” Graczyk sent his brother a picture of nine pipe bombs and messages that read “Check it out. Already made. Ready to go” — and urged him not to call police.

Officers searched Graczyk’s garbage and found gun powder containers, empty CO2 cartridges and receipts for bomb-making equipment. They obtained a warrant to search the home and found cannon fuses. During the search, Graczyk “admitted he made the pipe bombs” and “that he intended set the bombs off throughout the city on New Year’s Eve, but later changed his mind.”

He also told police he “wish[ed] he had an AR-15 so he could shoot someone.”

Graczyk is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail without bail.