With Andy Larsen on a monthlong, literally-around-the-world vacation, The Tribune’s other Jazz beat writer, Eric Walden, delved into his extensive collection of A-list contacts for a guest host for the latest installment of the Weekly Run podcast.

And so, with that said, a big welcome to Angie Treasure — social media manager for the Utah Jazz!

In case you ever figured her job amounted to going to games and just tweeting a few random things over the course of 2.5 hours … well, there’s a little more to it than that.

At 5:21 • Angie gives some insight into her rather unconventional and circuitous path, from starting with blogging for a pool and spa company to becoming an NBA team’s social media manager.

At 15:02 • Wanna know what a Utah Jazz social media manager does? Angie gives a full breakdown of the job, including back-and-forths with other teams and the joys of fans sending trade requests and lineup suggestions.

At 27:00 • Angie discusses the challenges and rewards of being a woman in what has been largely a male-dominated industry, and how that trend is starting to change.

At 34:54 • The Jazz’s social media team is one of the best-rated in the league, but Angie gives some other suggestions for teams’ social media platforms to check out for yet more examples of how it’s done well.

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