The Utah Jazz aren’t very different, but the Western Conference is.

In this week’s edition of the Weekly Run podcast, Tony Jones and new Tribune beat writer Andy Larsen break down where the Jazz might end up in the wild West and how the Jazz might approach playoff battles differently going forward.

There’s also a beef going on between two of the NBA’s stars, with Kevin Durant and CJ McCollum arguing about Durant’s decision to join the Warriors. What exactly does that reveal about Durant’s character?

Finally, you may remember Tony’s great piece on Jae Crowder’s rough season, and we look at how he’s approaching this upcoming season.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s podcast:

At 0:28 • Tony introduces Andy to the Tribune.

At 4:25 • What potential do the Jazz have next season?

At 6:00 • How will the Jazz adapt to facing Houston and Golden State in the playoffs?

At 19:03 • Kevin Durant and CJ McCollum’s fight, and what it says about Durant’s future on the Warriors.

At 30:25 • Who is making the playoffs, and who doesn’t in the Western Conference?

At 48:05 • Tony on his interview with Jae Crowder.

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