Blu Atlas Atlantis review: Why it’s the King of men’s colognes

Sponsored: It’s time to make the change to a scent like that because you need– no, deserve– a cologne you can undeniably rely on to serve you.

(Grooming Playbook) | Blu Atlas Atlantis Review: Why It's the King of Men's Colognes.

Isn’t it about time you lived like a king?

This idea can apply to endless situations in your life, but we are homing in on one particular component here: your scent.

You need a cologne that’s fit for a king. Enough of those nostril-stinging atrocities and those watered-down, 20-minute-lasting jokes. You require something that will last with you all day, composed of ingredients that do something (without hurting you), and smells positively masculine and intoxicating.

It’s time to make the change to a scent like that because you need– no, deserve– a cologne you can undeniably rely on to serve you.

Unfortunately, finding a truly long-lasting and divine scent is much harder than it should be. But not to worry: we have discovered a perfect cologne for you: Blu Atlas Atlantis.

Before we dive into why this particular cologne is just what you need to add to your daily routine, let’s first look a bit more closely into cologne in general (and trust us, this is worth the read).

Why Cologne Is Important

Cologne is more important than we sometimes give it credit for– and it has actually been that way for centuries.

Eau de cologne was first invented in Cologne, Germany in 1709 by a man named Giovanni Maria Farina. Because of how enticing this perfume was (it was a perfume when it was first contrived), its popularity skyrocketed– but specifically amongst royals.

Shortly after its creation, eau de cologne was shipped to nearly every European royal house. However, it wasn’t utilized by the lower classes because it cost almost half of a servant’s annual salary! After some time, eau de cologne spread across the continent and eventually the world, manufactured by various entities and offering endless scents.

So, yes– cologne has been used by royalty for centuries. Why? Well, who doesn’t want to smell good if they have the option to do so?

Today, having an enticing aroma that follows you around even on your busiest work days is a part of daily life. But why should you even wear cologne? Is it necessary to do so?

While we can’t tell you that you need to wear it (nor can we tell you what to do in general, of course), we will tell you that when you wear cologne, there will be at least six potentially life-changing positives that you’ll notice:

1. Appear More Professional

Imagine walking into an interview or an exceptionally important meeting and smelling, erm, not so fresh. You can imagine that alone wouldn’t be a great reflection on who you are as a professional– and you certainly don’t want that.

Adding some cologne into your routine before any professional event will make you smell excellent and appear more professional.

2. Cover Up Body Odor

Listen: body odor is normal. It’s a part of the human experience– no one is denying that. But, it can quite often be off-putting and potentially even scare people away! Spray some pleasant fragrance on and you will seem to have no body odor at all (in most cases, anyway– please still shower, of course!).

3. Attract Who You Want to Attract

When you’re single, isn’t it so impactful when you go on a date and they have an incredibly intoxicating scent? You may be even more attracted to them because of it– and simply want to get closer to smell them more and feel not so prone to stepping away.

It works both ways. Spray on cologne and trust us here– your dating life will likely change for the better!

4. Make a More Powerful First Impression

Whether you are meeting a new colleague, potential client, date, or acquaintance, you want to always put your best foot forward and make as great a first impression as you can. By adding a cologne into the mix, you can do so, as it will assist you in appearing far cleaner, more careful of how you present yourself, and more aware of how you appear to others.

And that’s huge– especially for those in-laws.

5. Be Far More Memorable

Out of our five senses, our sense of smell is the most closely connected with our memories, more specifically, our limbic system. This system includes the brain stem, a part of the brain that houses our emotions and memories.

Have you ever had a moment where you smelled something in the air, like hot dogs grilling, and were transported swiftly back to a specific memory, like cookouts in your backyard as a child? That’s because of that smell-memory connection, which is a real thing and is referred to as “scent memory.”

We mention all of this science mumbo-jumbo because, to put it bluntly, odors matter. By spraying an evocative cologne on your body, you are drastically increasing the likelihood that the people you come across in your life will remember it and, consequently, you.

And don’t we all want to be remembered?

6. Feel Your Best

Have you ever gone to a social gathering after working all day, making you suddenly hyper aware of your body odor? Listen– we have all been there. There’s no shame in it. You can go about your day with uninhibited self-confidence by simply spritzing yourself with high-quality, lustrous cologne.

And trust us: a confident man is what we all like to see (and smell!).

Blu Atlas Atlantis Review

All of the aforementioned positives of using a cologne are quite enticing, right? Well, keep in mind that those are really only available if you use a quality cologne.

But, finding the sublime cologne for you is no small feat. Cue Blu Atlas Atlantis.

The All-Important Aroma

First things first: the scent.

Atlantis was inspired by Bali’s coastal jungle, both its unique and tantalizing sights and scents. With a simple spritz and breath in, you’ll feel transported to the serene coastline of Bali. The sea breeze caresses your skin, the clear turquoise waters gently lap at your feet, and the warm sun enlivens yet relaxes your body with every slow step taken in the glistening white sand. Palm trees intermingled with jungle canopy sway nearby as they tower above bushes and outstretched strands of beach morning glory.

In every instance you use Atlantis, you are sent to your own personal haven no matter where you physically may be. You’ll feel truly at peace while emitting an aroma that will make those around you feel similarly with each whiff.

Light and idyllically sweet, herbaceous, and musky, Atlantis is one cologne you’ll never tire of utilizing. The top notes of bergamot, lemon, and blackcurrant provide the primarily sweet aroma for an instantaneous lure in. Mid notes of lavender, clary sage, apricot, and peach promptly follow and linger for a calming sensation. The base notes, violet, orris, oak-moss, ambrette seed, and musk, come last but strongest for a masculine yet earthy finish.

Atlantis is a cologne that goes the distance in its intoxicating yet delicate scent and its longevity. Allow it to be your travel partner through your daily life, perfectly complementing you and your unique and royal self.

Nature in a Bottle

Considering Atlantis was inspired by nature, it is only fitting that it uses ingredients lacking some harmful materials, like artificial parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

Why does this matter? Because the cleaner the cologne, the better you will feel wearing it as a result.

Why do they do this? Because they care about their products and they care about you. It’s as simple as that.

Are You a Blu Atlas Man?

If you’re wondering if Blu Atlas is the brand for you, especially the Atlantis cologne, you need to first look inward.

Are you an adventurous man who desires a cologne that he can take with him no matter where he wanders off to? Do you care about the ingredients in your cologne? Do you want to make an everlasting impression on all those you come across without arrogance? Would you prefer using a premium, carefully-crafted cologne over one that’s chock full of harmful ingredients?

Then you are almost certainly a Blu Atlas man.

But, then again, to be entirely straightforward, there are no real prerequisites for being a Blu Atlas man. Blu Atlas carefully crafts personal care products for all men who live in all places and have all interests. If you have the above attributes or strive to have them for yourself, then you are more likely to be a Blu Atlas man than anybody else.

The Bottle

The last thing you probably would want is some obnoxious, cumbersome, and downright hideous bottle of cologne on your nightstand. You don’t want to be embarrassed by the packaging of your dearest cologne, no matter how good it might smell. Let’s be blunt: looks matter, too.

Not to worry, though, because Blu Atlas thought about that, too.

Smooth matte black covers the glass bottle, the front displaying a glossy black “ba” and a smaller “ATLANTIS” at the bottom. Overall innocuous, masculine, and sleek, Atlantis is a convenient 3.4 ounces that simultaneously exudes elegance and masculinity. It’s dark for both appearance and ideal protection from direct sunlight.

So, not only does Atlantis smell good, but it sure looks good, too– and yes, that’s definitely a metaphor for you when wearing this cologne.

Blu Atlas: The Brand

Blu Atlas is a brand every man should know about because they carefully craft premium skincare and haircare products just for men. With their abundance of products, you can feel good, look good, and smell good– quite the trifecta, if you ask us.

Why put your trust in Blu Atlas? All of their products are 100% vegan (essentially no “bad stuff” in their products), dermatologically tested and approved (for both safety and efficacy), placed in sustainable packaging, and science-backed.

Blu Atlas is on a mission to change how men think about self-care. They want to prioritize your skin, your hair, your self-image, and your overall body’s health. Men deserve premium products, too, after all.

How to Use Blu Atlas Atlantis

It may be tempting to douse yourself in this aromatic cologne and go about your day, but you shouldn’t. You also may want to conveniently store your cologne in your shower, but you shouldn’t do that either.

Surprisingly, there are some key do’s and don’ts when applying and storing your cologne, including Atlantis.

How to Apply Your Cologne

  • Spray your cologne while holding the bottle 4-6 inches away from your body.

  • Apply the cologne to the heated points on your body, such as your neck, chest, forearms, and wrists. This helps diffuse it throughout the day and ensures it stays longer.

  • Be sure to spray it on your body and not into the air. Spraying then walking through it is a waste of good cologne.

  • Recommended 2-4 sprays per use.

  • Apply your cologne after you shower, and you are dry.

  • Spray your cologne directly on your skin and not on your clothes.

  • Try to use a mild deodorant with your cologne that won’t be too pungent, as this may conflict with your cologne’s scent (but you should still use deodorant).

  • Don’t rub it in. Simply spritz and let dry.

How to Store Your Cologne

  • Keep your cologne out of direct sunlight and away from heat (including radiators) as this can negatively affect the chemical bonds.

  • Store your cologne bottle in a dry and dark location. Humidity is the enemy of your cologne, so don’t store your cologne in the bathroom.

  • Make sure the bottle stays straight up.

  • Don’t shake your cologne.

  • Place the bottle on a low level as higher-leveled locations lead to breakage.

  • Keep your cologne and use it for 3-5 years after its production date.

Atlantis: The King of Cologne that’s Fit for a King

It’s finally time for you to ascend the throne you were destined to take on. So toss your $20 bottle of subpar cologne and replace it with the premium Blu Atlas Atlantis– the king of cologne that’s fit for a king.