Letter: Supreme Court’s Chevron decision and presidential immunity decision highlight that democracy is on the line

I’m concerned about the state of your nation. The Supreme Court Chevron decision gives oversight of departments like OSHA and the EPA in the hands of federal court judges, giving them the decision-making power.

Are judges experts in public health, environment, etc.? SCOTUS even went further, stating officials such as judges can accept “tips” and “gifts” from individuals in gratitude for their decision on cases. This means accepting “bribes”! These off-the-wall rulings lay the groundwork for major fundamental changes in many aspects of our life. Having said the above, I believe SCOTUS is out of control. The court is corrupt. I don’t see the court as having any sort of legitimacy and I fear they will be their own undoing at some point. Maybe in 10 years, maybe in 10 months.

As for the SCOTUS presidential immunity ruling — that presidents have absolute criminal immunity for official acts — SCOTUS threw out the lower court’s decision rejecting Trump’s claim of immunity for his efforts to undo his 2020 election loss to Joe Biden.

As doubtful as I am, I do see a small glimmer of hope as New York disbarred Rudy Giuliani from practicing law. At least New York did that. SCOTUS showed us that courts and the rule of law are a joke. The New York State Bar Association is at least taking Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election seriously.

Democracy is on the line. I believe too many people in the U.S. feel we could never go the route of all the other countries like Germany, Russia, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Spain … but we can. Heaven help us!

Michele Stuart, Salt Lake City

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