Has anyone watched “Dr. Strangelove” lately?

That dark comedy movie ought to be required homework for anyone in Congress and anyone with the opportunity to push “the button” to explode nuclear bombs.

I read with dismay the president’s plan to resume N-bomb testing in Nevada. I hope this is just a ploy to give us a bigger bargaining chip in some sort of world disarmament agreement, but who knows?

We seem to be traveling down the road that could lead to our own destruction — pollution, extremism, climate change and atomic bombs.

We are so good at only worrying about today and thinking that tomorrow is somebody else’s problem. Today’s behaviors cause tomorrow’s problems.

Kudos to Rep. Ben McAdams for opposing nuclear testing, testing which would be a hugely unnecessary risk to the world and especially to Utah.

What we should be doing is moving toward a more peaceful planet with a better future in mind instead of only a focus on the moment. I doubt that most people’s vision of a better future includes many of the practices we pursue today, practices that ignore the future consequences of our current actions.

John M. Janson, Millcreek