We now face a pandemic, which the Twit in Chief has decided to ignore, in hopes that will disappear.

Then comes a story from the headlines of The New York Times about Russia paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers and their allies.

That did not surprise me, Russia and Vlad the Impaler paying to kill Americans. No, it's the fact the White House has known for over a year, and the Twit in Chief has simply turned a blind eye, stating he was never informed.

Either he is the most incompetent president any us have ever seen or Putin has some really good info on the Twit in Chief he doesn’t want to be released. Or he owes them so much money he has to do their bidding.

If this is the case, then all those Republicans who voted to acquit this buffoon should be voted out of office or should resign in disgrace. You people are not worthy of the office you hold, or to continue to prop up Abraham Lincoln as the national hero of the Republican party. I'm afraid that your beloved Lincoln would hang his head in shame at how you have fallen into a cult-like coma with this guy.

I have never agreed with the philosophy of the Republican party, but I would take the old Republican party over this so-called new one. At least they had some principles and idealism of what the nation should look like. But this new breed of Know Nothings are exactly that, they know nothing of history or of the patriotism that Americans once believed in and fought for through two world wars.

They claim to be great patriots, yet I have not heard a peep from any of them about this great betrayal by the Twit in Chief. No I'm afraid this president couldn't even lick the boots of Benedict Arnold.

Charles Glaser, West Valley City