The practice of quid pro quo is the essence of politics and many other activities. It can be done secretively or in the disguise of asking for a favor.

In the conversation between President Trump and the Ukrainian leader, the quid pro quo was not explicit but it was in the form of a shadow floating in the air. “Do me a favor,” implies, “I will owe you a favor,” as night follows the day.

So, are we dealing with flagrant immorality? Sure. Illegality? Perhaps, but not enough to justify removal from office through impeachment. The Democrats are wasting their time.

Yes, they have made perfectly clear ad infinitum through the inquiry process that Trump is not a nice boy. Everybody knew that already and few care because the economy is doing well and the rich are happy, hiring lots of people.

Instead of attacking Trump over and over again, the Democrats should do the only thing that will stop him from being re-elected: Pressure House Speaker Nancy Pelosi relentlessly with some kind of quid pro quo agreeable to her (such as buying her another mink coat to add to her collection or sending her flowers everyday or paying her beauty parlor bills, whatever) to persuade her to run for president in 2020.

Pelosi is attractive, honest and intelligent, a very nice person with a lot of class, self-control and tolerance. On top of it, she is compassionate with her friend the president. The other day, speaking in public, she took into consideration the mental limitations of our president, pausing in the middle of her discourse to explain the word “exculpatory” to him in an effort to help him.

Jose M. Oliveira, Salt Lake City