“Let me shock you. You ready? The climate is changing and man is influencing it.”

Rep. John Curtis’s recent statement has rightfully caught the attention of climate minded Utahns. Climate change will impact millions around the globe, make Utah’s summers hotter and smokier, and reduce the amount of greatest snow on earth that falls each year.

On the other hand, no Utahn is unaware of the brown-green inversion that fills our picturesque valleys in the winter. Air pollution is having significant health impacts, and reduces the average Uthan’s lifespan.

Climate frying CO2 and air pollution seem separate, but actually have many of the same causes. That means solutions to one often will impact the other. As the Tribune’s recent series on air pollution showed, the solutions exist: electric vehicle adoption, improved public and alternative transportation, less natural gas and coal powered heating and electricity, electrifying tools and appliances, among other things.

Humans are influencing our air and climate, but that works both ways. We have the tools, now Utah must get about the business of actually doing something about it. Admitting that would be a statement more worthy of shock.

Erik B. Olson, Logan