Letter: Tribune covers the LDS Church as it should

(Michael Stack | Special to The Salt Lake Tribune) Red Square at dusk, the Kremlin, seat of the government, left, and St. Basil’s Cathedral on the right.

It would be difficult to put into words how much I disagree with John Woeste’s letter complaining about Peggy Fletcher Stack’s excellent three-part series on the LDS Church in Russia.

If Mr. Woeste thinks the Ensign or even the church-owned Deseret News would ever publish the kind of coverage of the church that The Tribune does, it is obvious that he has not been reading them. Those house organs of the church have the charge to make the church look as good as possible and to exhort members to obey church doctrine and leaders.

Like it or not, the LDS Church is a major player in most aspects of life in Utah — from religion to the economy to government and beyond. To ignore that or even be succinct in coverage would be a dereliction of The Trib's motto of Utah's independent voice.

Detached coverage and analysis of the Mormon Church is essential to Utah readers, whether LDS, another faith or no faith.

Vance Pace, Kaysville

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