Your three-day, multipage series on Mormonism in Russia surely was interesting to Mormons and a few others. Certainly, it was as uninteresting for many others as it was for me. Brief and succinct reporting on their church is sufficient for the rest of us.

Please be the city’s newspaper that makes expenditures on in-depth journalism for the general public. At a time when The Tribune is shrinking, it seems coverage of Mormonism is expanding. If we were interested in comprehensive coverage of Mormon issues, we would subscribe to Ensign.

While you were spending a considerable amount of time and money on this series, we started receiving messages about donating in order to fund quality journalism, such as your recent coverage of San Juan County.

I considered sending you money until I saw this huge series.

The Herald Journal’s decision to reduce paper editions to three days weekly should be more impactful to you.

As subscriptions to print newspapers are decreasing nationally, increasing the appeal of news articles to a broad readership is essential. Please, leave comprehensive reporting on Mormon issues to Ensign and avoid reduction of print days and going out of business.

John Woeste, Salt Lake City