During Thursday’s Democratic debate, I had this revelation: This election is not about who can “take on” Donald Trump. It’s not important who can back talk a crazy person in any setting.

What’s important is who can heal this nation, repair the injuries domestically and internationally.

For truly, whether you are too busy to notice or too focused on a single issue to care, our country is like a patient in the ICU. Our institutions, our alliances, our moral fiber, all have been ravaged by the assault of the Trump presidency.

Which Democratic candidate on that debate stage can stabilize the patient? Has the wisdom and experience to put the pieces back together?

I hear people say, “Well, normal wasn’t that good.” Perhaps not. But I’m not sure we can ask a system this severely broken to suddenly rise up and run a marathon of dramatic change.

Let’s fix the ACA, pass sensible gun legislation that more than 80% of Americans agree on. Let’s restore our reputation with our allies, lead the world on climate change, once again become a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees seeking a better life.

Let’s not swing for the fences in a full body cast.

Judy Zone, Salt Lake City