In addition to background checks, federal, state and local governments should use their taxing authority to control gun violence. This could be accomplished with taxes on weapons, and especially on ammunition. These taxes could be graduated, with the heaviest tax on ammunition used with military-style assault weapons.

Taxes collected in this manner could be used to fund anti-crime measures. Legitimate gun owners could avoid these taxes by joining and purchasing their arms and ammunition through legitimate gun clubs.

These clubs, in the manner of a "well regulated militia," would provide the training needed for a member to safely and responsibly handle and store firearms. Such a club would be responsible for monitoring the behavior of its members, with a duty to remove and report those who should not have access to weapons.

Club members would have "skin in the game" because the club's tax status could be revoked if one of its members commits a felony using a firearm. Such a plan would allow legitimate gun owners to continue using their weapons, and would make it much more difficult and expensive for hate groups or deranged individuals to commit mass murder.

Christopher A. Biltoft, Salt Lake City