This newspaper’s invitation to submit opinion pieces for potential publication reflects both an interest in openness and in diversity. It does not require that submissions be sensical, and it even publishes such.

Two examples appeared in recent editions — one by Phil Lyman, a member of the Utah Legislature (Aug. 16), and the second by W.W. Clyde III, a corporate and civic leader (Aug. 18).

In his eagerness to appear wronged, Lyman mistook the issue at hand. It was never about the causes of discrimination and prejudice against Navajo and other tribal residents of San Juan County. Rather, it was about his failure to use his considerable influence in that venue to mitigate vast underappropriation and attendant injustice.

In Clyde’s case, it was to mistake his considerable personal success as sole warrant for deciding a controversial environmental issue. In this season of rampant misinformation and prevarication, one wishes for reason giving that is not question begging.

Hal Miller, Provo