Why is our society so crippled as to not be able to solve the problem of mass killings?

Some say the problem would be solved with background checks. But, if a person desires an assault rifle, when its sole use is to quickly kill masses of life and turn it into meat, wouldn't that be a powerful reason to deny anyone from the ability to obtain one?

Some say the Constitution renders them the right to bear arms in a well-regulated militia. If this is confusing to some, why not a new amendment? Does anyone think the creators of the Bill of Rights intended arms would not be regulated?

There are people in our society who get caught up in schemes to violently kill, to get even, to be powerful, etc., for whatever reason, and we, as a society, are letting them. All citizens must insist that assault rifles owned by individuals be outlawed.

Those who profit from the proliferation of guns in our society, those who support them, as well as those who propose ineffective methods for solving the problem of massive slaughter, are a powerful bunch.

All citizens must take a stand loud and clear. The next slaughter might be in your store, your school, your shopping mall, your church.

Yvonne McDowell, Murray