Letter: Who keeps nominating Mortensen?

(File photo) Ron Mortensen, a co-founder of the Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration and a retired U.S. foreign service officer, has published a critical account of LDS Church involvement in the issue of illegal immigration.

Curt Bramble, David Irvine, and Paul Mero only have part of the answer in their July 7 commentary, “Utah’s senators should vote no on Ron Mortensen.”

They outline many reasons why Mortensen should not be confirmed.

“However, his long record of maligning faith leaders, as well as his deeply disturbing close ties to the white nationalist and eugenics-founded Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), should disqualify him from this or any government job.”

They also mention that for Mortensen this is a re-nomination. If someone keeps nominating an individual like this, perhaps it is because they share the same values.

They should also call out the president for his obvious support of maligning faith leaders and close ties to white nationalists. He has nominated this individual twice.

If he has nominated him for this position (twice) he must share the same values.

Mike Mitchell, Salt Lake City

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