Letter: Selling your soul to Donald Trump

It sounds as if Phil Neelands (Public Forum, July 1) has sold his soul at the proverbial crossroads in his extolling the accomplishments of our current president, while complaining that The Salt Lake Tribune does not publish letters supporting the man.

All of Mr. Neelands' praise involves financial gain (much of which was simply inherited from the previous administration). He is willing to overlook the president's amoral behavior, including lying on a daily basis, self-aggrandizement, mocking the disabled, objectifying women and using his office for personal financial gain for himself and his family.

This president has gone out of his way to praise dictators and mock the proof of interference in our last election by an enemy which may have put that unfit man into office. Many of us are sick at heart over the cruel treatment of children at the border who have been used as pawns in his promise to build his glory wall.

The Republican conservative standard of not adding to the national debt has been abandoned so they could give tax cuts to the wealthy leaving the rest of us to scrimp and try to save.

And those unemployment numbers? They sound great, but the truth is they are so low because many are working two or three jobs just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Mr. Neelands, I am glad you are doing so well, but it is sad that you are willing to give praise to a man who has earned nothing but scorn for a few more pieces of silver.

Lisa Kolstad, Salt Lake City

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