Letter: Climate change could affect a Utah Olympics

I vividly remember skiing in the 1970s, while I was in my 20s, sinking up to my thighs because the snow density was so light.

This past winter our mountains received a lot of snow, but its density was nothing like 40 years ago. I skied untracked snow in an area that had received three to four feet of new snow, and sank maybe 10 inches.

We lived for several years in Virginia and would often experience severe rain storms. We hadn’t experienced anything like that in Utah. When we had several severe rain storms this past spring we had to change the drainage system in our yard to accommodate the excessive water.

Yes, as was reported in the July 7 Salt Lake Tribune, Utah may host the 2030 Olympics, and we may be lucky, but maybe not. This past week Anchorage hit a record high of 90 degrees, 25 degrees above average.

What if Utah experienced a similar hot spell in February? Park City’s temperature could soar into the 60s.

Congress is considering effective climate legislation, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Please, Reps. Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, John Curtis and Ben McAdams, co-sponsor and pass this legislation.

We need our snow.

Marc Peterson, Sandy

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