Letter: The objections are to the person, not the policies

This letter is in response to the letter titled “No pro-Trump letters?” which appeared in the July 2 issue of The Salt Lake Tribune.

The author, Phil Neelands, complained that the majority of the letters appearing in the Public Forum which mentioned President Trump were negative.

I, too, read all the letters in The Public Forum daily, and my recollection is similar to Mr. Neelands, except for one significant difference: The letters which are derogatory focus on the man, not his policies.

My opinion of Trump was formed throughout the too-long campaign, before he was in a position to enact any policies. What was that opinion? He is an utterly despicable person who lacks even a modicum of decency.

Having said that, as much as I despise the man, I have to admit that some of his policies are reasonable.

What I cannot comprehend is how anyone, regardless of party affiliation, can accept such a flawed person as our country’s leader, no matter his policies.

Steve Purhonen, Salt Lake City

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