On Independence Day, the president proudly proclaimed, “there will be nothing that America cannot do.”

Today in America, however, we cannot treat refugees humanely, give all people equal rights under the Constitution, let every citizen exercise their Constitutional right to vote, provide safe schools for teachers and students, provide adequate and affordable health care, protect women’s rights to control their own bodies and thereby their lives, ensure clean water and air, or even protect the future of our planet.

Under this administration, our country cannot even ensure that everyone, especially large corporations, contribute by paying their fair share of taxes.

On that point, we don’t have anything close to a fair and equitable election system, especially while corporations can make unlimited amounts of political contributions (aka, legal bribes), putting them more in control of the country than voters.

And, just a couple of weeks ago, the Supreme Court legalized political gerrymandering, with crucial votes being cast by the current president’s tainted appointees.

Given the amazing people in this country, I have no doubt that there is nothing we cannot do. With this administration, however, rather than strength, we show weakness.

It will only be under new leadership that, “there will be nothing that America cannot do” with regard to anything that is worth doing.

William Richter, Millcreek