Letter: Congratulations on July 4 Opinion pages

(W.L. Ormsby | Library of Congress via AP) This 1876 engraving by W.L. Ormsby shows a version of the painting "Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776" by John Trumbull. To many, the notion of white men being marginalized in the early 21st century is ludicrous, their history seemingly a study in power and privilege, from the Founding Fathers to the "Mad Men" era and up through their continued dominance in boardrooms and government. Yet, they have suffered some real losses, even as they maintain advantages.

The editorial pages the 4th of July are an exceptional piece of journalism in my opinion. Congratulations to George Pyle for including the Declaration of Independence, as well as for his professorial take on the real meaning of this special day. I love his column and his writing.

Michelle Quist's and Gwendolyn Taylor Soper's articles touched my heart as well.

As a Christian and as an immigrant to this country, your words pierced my heart, for I am convinced I am privileged to be a citizen of this country. The least I can do is to let you know I appreciate your writing.

Herlinda Briones Bowen, Salt Lake City

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