Thanks to E.J. Dionne for understanding both sides of the abortion debate and exposing politicians who use it for elections (“Alabama’s unexpected lesson on abortion,” Tribune, May 20).

Send his column to those who represent you, highlighting the last line, underlining the last part: “support women and lift up the poor.” This final part is the actual way to “defend the right to life,” not just use the issue for political purposes.

Start with the current budget and increase the funding to the Housing Choice Vouchers program (section 8), which currently only serves 25% of those who qualify. Housing has been shown to be the first step on the ladder out of poverty. Then move on to tax fairness, increasing the Earned Income and Child Tax Credit.

Meanwhile, pass Sen. Patty Murray’s bill on child care. Let’s use our voices to keep the pressure on Congress with our calls, letters and visits calling for real action like this, not emotional political debates focussed on reelection.

Willie Dickerson, Snohomish, Wash.