If the 25 white male legislators had passed a law placing all testicles under the domain of the Alabama legislature, there would be considerably fewer unplanned pregnancies, because the righteous right would surely see the right of it.

Also, charge the major airlines departing from any Alabama airport transporting any wealthy woman to an abortion clinic anywhere else in the world with the crime of aiding and abetting a criminal act.

Any sexual activity performed without the explicit purpose of producing “life” could be considered “anti-life.” I would suggest taking a poll of all the officials given the power to enact fertility laws and determining how many children they have and compare it to how sexually active they have been in their lifetimes. Perhaps we could fine a woman for every unfertilized egg, and a man for every spilt sperm.

Your religious liberty ends at my nose. If abortion is a sin, don’t have an abortion. If same-sex relationships are a sin, don’t have sex with people the same sex as you. And if you don’t believe anyone should draw a likeness of Mohammed, don’t murder the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo.

Artelle Cracraft, Tooele