Letter: Trump will be the last president to deny climate change

(Evan Vucci | Associated Press file photo) President Donald Trump speaks with reporters before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House, Friday, April 5, 2019, in Washington.

As we approach the 2020 presidential campaign, no Democratic candidate is a climate change denier, and even many independents and Republicans thinking about running against President Donald Trump believe in the science of climate change and avoid discussing the tough decisions this will require.

Even many Republicans in the House and Senate who disagree with Trump’s position avoid challenging him because of his political power. They also hate to admit that they may have fallen for the anti-climate change propaganda.

Trump has backed himself and many Republicans into a corner. Admitting that human-caused global warming is real will show that they have been either wrong or have knowingly misled their constituents.

For more than 60 years, evidence has been accumulating that shows that climate change is real and caused by burning fossil fuels. In a few years from now when we look back on this time we must each ask ourselves, “Were we part of the problem or part of the solution?”

David Hart, Torrey

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