Regarding Peggy Clark’s suggestion to ban plastic bags, March 4th: Great, but what about all the other plastic used in everyday life — cling wrap, plastic hard containers, plastic kitchen utensils, to name a few? We don’t really know the amount of products that would, I expect, have to be included.

I am grateful for the Sandy Park's contribution of plastic bags for dog's waste, but they are not quite big enough. Consequently we use the plastic grocery bags. We did wonder what we would use if the grocery stores stopped using them.

As an experiment we tried the paper bags. Not good! Not only awkward, but almost impossible to negotiate. It is sometimes difficult to find the good in a bad situation. The fish getting caught in plastic is a concern for sure. Where people throw their garbage is a definite concern. Throwing plastic everywhere without thinking and with no consideration for the environment should be punishable by a fine. That might solve some of the problems.

Marlene Lundquist, Sandy