As a Tribune reader and lifelong Utah Democrat, I suggest the U.S. House leadership call our president's bluff.

Democrats should propose several billion dollars for valid border security efforts, with the provision that zero goes to a worthless, woebegone wall. Clarify this issue.

Although it is an architectural wonder and modern tourist mecca, even the Great Wall of China did not prevent substantive incursions, great and small.

Proposed funds could be used for increased infrared surveillance and geostationary, high-resolution satellites combined with an increase in border patrol rapid response capabilities.

Critical real needs include improved screening facilities, local confirmation of claimed refugee conditions, integration efforts for refugees and timely status follow-up on immigrants, the lack of which leads to the vast majority of illegal status.

Awaiting a comprehensive immigration revamp addressing U.S. employment needs, Dreamers, legitimate refugees, treatment of families during processing, etc., the above steps will help.

President Donald Trump only wants his pet promised "wall" project; not comprehensive border security.

Democrats support border security against war-mongering jihadists, criminals, drug cartel couriers, etc. The traditional American role of a haven for those seeking freedom from oppression, grinding corruption, terrorism, etc., continues as a moral imperative.

Grant Protzman, North Ogden