Our junior senator has recently made comments to the effect that he does not agree with current White House policies and procedures regarding border security, border walls and immigration.

I applaud him for being willing to voice his concerns. Now is an exceptional opportunity for the senators in our great nation to do what they have been elected to do. That is, get in a room together (all of them) and discuss the problems and come up with solutions.

The Senate in particular is supposed to be a deliberative body of legislators who are supposed to argue the big issues and come to some resolution. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems reluctant to even try that.

So, Mr. Romney, here is a great opportunity in your freshman year to show your leadership skills. Lead by getting everybody together in a room to hash it out. You are a well-known and respected member of the Senate. Show us you can lead. Deliberate. Think about the problems. Come up with solutions. Spell out exactly what you want to do. Come to an agreement.

For a moment, just a moment, stop pontificating in front of the cameras and stop going to fundraisers for your next election and do what is expected of you.

Brad Swedlund, Salt Lake City