If there is one thing Donald Trump cannot tolerate, it is being ignored. Mr. “Nice Guy” Mitt Romney needs no other weapon than to watch Mr. "Big Mouth" Trump have a public meltdown.

Think about the egotistical performance that Trump puts on early every morning as he controls and manipulates the daily press who trail like puppies waiting for the next news biscuit to be tossed to them.

If a response to Trump’s temperamental show-off performance each day is terminated or controlled by Romney, then Romney will become the powerful performance-controlling force.

Romney should not have to carry water for former Sen. John McCain. McCain was certainly a war hero to most Americans, but he was marked by his unrealistic, poor choice of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate.

Hopefully, Sen. Mitt Romney will realize the power and strength he will need to employ if he lays aside his “Nice Guy” attitude and attacks Trump when Trump says or behaves in an egregious way.

Rosemary A. Holt, Salt Lake City