An open letter to the Utah Legislature:

What exactly do you think gives you the right to change initiatives your constituents pass? Our Constitution provides a process by which the residents of this state are allowed to pass laws we see necessary. That process was followed. The law passed.

Now you, in a total lack of regard for the voters who put you in office, are trying to change the initiatives we passed.

It’s one thing for the Legislature to have a knee-jerk reaction to medical marijuana. But now you choose to mess with people's health, people who cannot afford basic health care for themselves and their families.

The voters have chosen to expand Medicaid. Some of your members are now trying to restrict it again. Your lack of respect for the voters is appalling. Your lack of compassion for people who need help with health care is shocking.

Please, try to learn some basic humanity — or at least respect for the people you "represent."

Darren Tucker, Salt Lake City