In response to The Salt Lake Tribune article “Refugees say Utah is getting less welcoming,” we would like the Salt Lake community to know about the work of the English Skills Learning Center.

Our nonprofit builds a welcoming culture by bringing together immigrants and refugees with community members who volunteer their time to teach English and get to know who their new neighbors are. By reaching out and extending your hand in friendship, you can make newcomers to our country feel welcome and respected. While they learn English and American ways from us, we can learn another culture and experiences from them that will change our lives as well.

Every family who comes to America is just like yours, a mother and father with dreams for their children, wanting to build a safe and prosperous life. If you would like to act upon the stories you read in this article, and reach out to make a family from another country feel welcome in America, please contact the English Skills Learning Center and become a volunteer.

You can make a difference in someone's life, and change yours as well.

Catherine Barnhart, Salt Lake City