As usual during the administration of this ignorant, incompetent, lying, probably delusional buffoon, our government is somewhere between a mess and a disaster. This has to do with "the wall.”

Our virtual president, having told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that he would sign budget legislation, reversed himself when told by his handlers and enablers on the Fox channel that such an action would cause him to lose the election in 2020.

Now it is transparent that Trump doesn't have any real concerns about border security or imaginary threats to national security from an invasion from the south. He made that abundantly clear when he said that to follow through on his promise to McConnell would make him look foolish, not that it was a real security problem.

As has been clear since day one of his administration, Trump only cares about himself. He has no concern for the out-of-work government employees or the malfunctioning of the government. But this current mess has to be cleaned up.

The answer to all this is rather simple. Trump has already stated that a steel fence of some indeterminate height is a better security device than a concrete wall. Such fences have already been built along certain sections of the border. The Democrats have not said they would not fund any further fencing. So all Trump has to do is agree to some number between $1.3 billion and $5 billion, use part of it to build more fencing and claim victory. Once the fencing is up, he can call it a wall. Nobody will care. It is abundantly clear that his base enjoys watching him lie, so they will probably think calling the fence a wall is pretty nifty.

Robert Peterson, Salt Lake City