Why should President Trump cancel federal employees’ yearly cost of living raises while giving his Cabinet a healthy $10,000 raise?

For that matter, why should Congress or the administration receive paychecks while the little guys received the shaft for Christmas? Trump says the furloughed or working-for-free employees he now refers to as “strikers” probably are willing to do so for the security of the country.

His wall or fence sounds vaguely like “Let them eat cake.” And look how well that turned out. Also saying that landlords should be patient about late rent checks without considering that landlords also have bills and obligations shows a complete disconnect with reality.

Perhaps those living from check to check who find themselves and their children evicted would be welcome at Trump hotels and Mar-a-Lago for the duration of this farce.

Walls may seem like the answer to national security, but what about tunnels under his wall or the two-thirds of those who enter the country on visas and don’t leave?

It’s evident that the comfort and security of individuals and families is somehow forgotten in the interest of ego.

The air in the Oval Office must be very thin.

Kathryn K. Jones, Bountiful