I have been a Democrat all my voting life. Nobody will be happier than me to see Donald Trump replaced as president.

That said, I think it would be a mistake of epic proportions for the House of Representatives to spend a whole lot of time considering impeachment, investigating scandals, etc. I believe that it would be much more productive for the House majority Democrats to prioritize issues and work toward passing meaningful legislation based on the rankings.

If I oversaw this list, it would read: 1) Climate change, 2) Adequate health care for everyone, 3) Gun-related deaths and injuries, 4) Available and affordable post-secondary education and training available, and 5) Immigration.

Volumes can be, and indeed have been, written on all these issues. My point is that the House should get to work and pass meaningful legislation based on the list. If the Senate and president drag their feet, they will be held accountable to the citizenry.

I humbly suggest that following this type of action plan is the best way for Democrats to resume the leadership role in U.S. politics.

Wayne Wilson, West Jordan