As a lifelong Republican, I would like to give President Donald Trump some advice about his insistence on keeping the government closed in order to build a wall on our southern border.

I am also the great-grandson of an immigrant from Scotland whose sole purpose in coming to this country was to help build the Salt Lake Temple. No wall would have stopped him from coming to this country, or else I would have been speaking with the same Scottish brogue that he spoke with, according to my dad, who actually knew him.

What I really hope is that our congressional leaders will look Trump in the eye and kindly tell him that his so-called facts for keeping the government closed are far from factual, and he needs to get real as the president of a country that has always been great and does not need to be greater.

This is coming from a retired U.S. Army soldier of 20 years and a former city police officer of 12 years, having therefore spent 32 years in uniform defending the Constitution of this great country, so I know from whence I speak.

Ted Livingston, West Valley City